Controlling huge machines

  • Klemen Žagar
  • April 2012


What do fusion reactors (an energy source of the future) and ion accelerators (a promising cancer therapy technology) have in common? What does it take to control these big machines and what are the underlying technologies?

Engineers from company Cosylab ( will give an overview of technological challenges to overcome when building these machines and outline the common denominators of big physics experiments. Two machines -- the ITER experimental fusion reactor being built in south of France and MedAustron ion beam therapy accelerator under construction in Austria -- will be presented in greater detail.

Two control system problems will be explained in-depth:

how (and why) to react at sub-millisecond timescale to the events occurring in the machine how to integrate a plethora of devices into a coherent whole.

If you are interested in joining Cosylab's team, or just curious about big physics machines, you are warmly invited to attend the lecture.

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