IE8 an important part of the Microsoft platform. Building add-ons for IE8 using and Jquery

  • Mario Briana
  • April 2009


With Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 you're just a few mouse clicks away from driving directions, word translation, sharing your web discoveries with friends and more. Join us and learn how you can use all this features in your web app (new or existing / PHP or ASP.NET or JSP) and upgrade your usability to a new level.Mario Briana brings more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry. Prior to Microsoft he spent 5 years with British Petroleum. Since joining Microsoft 12 years ago, Mario worked in various technical and management positions at Microsoft. Since fall 2004 he is working with Hosters (a.k.a. Internet Service Providers) and Software vendors to create and run hosting business on Windows. Within 2007 Mario was involved in various SaaS incubation projects focussing on solution architecture and service delivery architecture for SaaS applications. Since July 2007 he is part of the Central and Eastern European Headquarter team based in Munich.

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