Mobile Firefox Add-ons

  • Brian King
  • March 2010


It might be obvious to say this, but Firefox Mobile add-ons are much different beasts than their desktop counterparts. All the goodness of the Mozilla Platform is there and available to use, but the UI is completely different. Less hooks are available simply because there is less space, but the design and UI flow provide different challenges. For authors porting existing add-ons, I want to challenge you to really think whether you should do it. Ask yourself, does it make sense in this context? Does it fit into the browsing habits of users of smaller devices, which is different than desktop usage? For example, users on the go want more information suggested to them as opposed to hunting for it which can be cumbersome. Without being discouraging, my goal is to give inspiration for new ideas. Some of the best add-ons will be ones built from the ground up that take advantage of device capabilities such as GPS and voice.

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